Sid Meier’s Civilization Beyond Earth Trailer (Fall 2014) — The official Alpha Centauri remake. I hope they don’t screw this up. Alpha Centauri was great.

Alien (1979) — Semiotic Icon Set by Ron Cobb (Alien concept artist)

Alien (1979) — Semiotic Icon Set by Ron Cobb (Alien concept artist)


Super excited to be able to start pimping this round!

This is the Armello Horrors & Heroes teaser that myself and a few colleagues have been working on recently.

What’s Armello? Well since you ask, it’s a digital board game of heroes and high adventure, set in a fairy tale animal kingdom. It’s being made by a talented group called League of Geeks and I’ve been fortunate be involved on the art and design side of things.

Today marks the start of the Kickstarter campaign designed to bring the game from alpha to release. Check out the page, it’s got all the info on the game, the world and characters plus some super cool rewards for backers.

After so much work by so many talented folks it’s great to see this picking up momentum.

kickstart this. what an awesome trailer

Boom boom. A closer look at the weapons of the advanced alien race in Proven Lands.

Boom boom. A closer look at the weapons of the advanced alien race in Proven Lands.

prophetbutthole ASKED:

How do you come up with ideas? And also, can you give a rough estimation on when proven lands come out? And last, Internet high five for being so cool

*high five*

ideas? i don’t know. i have the feeling that some people have a theory about such things. perhaps by doing stuff? as for me i never had a hobby. i spend all my time on knowledge, on projects, often 2-3 projects at the same time (1 big and 1-2 small long-term) for years. i do not waste my time on clubs, big events, setbacks, treacherous people, vanity or fame, i think. i just like to work on things i love. and, i find it important to be constantly under pressure, actually, for some reason.

proven lands? beta: 2014. final: 2015. or so. soon more.

btw, i will announce something regarding those publishers in a few weeks. furthermore, a few mega exciting things until the end of this year :D


Apple Patents for Automatic 3D Avatar Creation and Emotional States

Something to expect in the future in regards to online identity (both of which were filed today):

A three-dimensional (“3D”) avatar can be automatically created that resembles the physical appearance of an individual captured in one or more input images or video frames. The avatar can be further customized by the individual in an editing environment and used in various applications, including but not limited to gaming, social networking and video conferencing.

I wonder if this will be connected to Apple’s purchase of depth sensor company Primesense [Link to patent file]

Methods, systems, and computer-readable media for creating and using customized avatar instances to reflect current user states are disclosed. In various implementations, the user states can be defines using trigger events based on user-entered textual data, emoticons, or states of the device being used. For each user state, a customized avatar instance having a facial expression, body language, accessories, clothing items, and/or a presentation scheme reflective of the user state can be generated.

[Link to patent file]